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A 50% deposit is required for ALL orders. Any orders less than $100 should be paid in full. No deposits are refunded, but are credited. Without a deposit or full payment, your date will not be held. All available dates are first come, first serve. If a deposit is not sent at the time your order is placed, other customers are welcomed to place their order, send their deposits, and have their date set and closed.


There will be NO refunds made by KEC. Unless your cake or dessert was fully damaged by us before the pick up or damaged during deliveries made by us, a refund will NOT be given. KEC will take full responsibility for orders that were not fulfilled as promised and will take responsibility for any orders that were made incorrectly. In such event, KEC will compromise with the customer for a 20% refund, HOWEVER, no refund will be made if the customer doesn't speak on the issue within 24 hours after pickup. KEC is not responsible for any orders damaged after the customer picks up. If during your transit your cake or dessert falls, tilts, or gets damaged, we are not responsible for those damages. It is recommended that every customer brings an extra person or two to hold and watch any cakes and keep an extra eye on desserts while in transit.



KEC does not take any orders through the phone. In order to contact KEC you will need to text only from 7am-10pm, email at your convenience, DM us through Instagram, or message us through our Facebook page. Please allow a 48-72 hour wait for KEC to reply to your message. 


Mom's kitchen is made specifically to be quick and easy for both the customer and KEC. Orders should be placed 48 hours before your desired pickup. If you order on 6/18/2019 4:30pm you are to pick up exactly 48 hours after that, meaning 4:30pm on 6/20/2019. Mom's Kitchen’s last pickup is at 5:30pm, after this time we are closed, and you will need to pick up the order the following day. Cakes: After 24 hours, if your cake is not picked up, your cake will no longer be available, and you will not be refunded. Each item is to be made exactly like the photo on the menu. For some items it is possible to change colors, or take away sprinkles, but there is no adding on to any of the cakes unless it's an inscription. Due to online orders being short notice orders refunds are NOT an option. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you'd like to cancel your order, payment will be ONLY credited. 


How many days in advance do I need to place an order?

Preferably 2-3 weeks in advance. Anything below the two-week request, will depend on our availability and under certain conditions; paying in full and pick up time chosen by us. Also, orders can be placed months in advance. Remember that KEC works on a first come, first serve basis.  Occasionally we may be able to fit in last minute orders; however, this all depends on our weekly schedule and availability.

What happens if I gave the wrong date of the event and already placed my order?

I will be more than happy to cater to you ONLY if I’m available to add another order. If I am booked I will not be able to fulfill your order and you'll be credited, NOT REFUNDED, for any future events. You are to let us know at least ONE week before your actual event date for us to help and at this point you'll be charged an extra $50 for the inconvenience. 

What happens with my deposit if my event is canceled or I no longer want the order as well as an online order ?

Your deposit will be credited only for future orders. Canceling an order is unacceptable. KEC begins prepping every order whether it’s ordering necessary products online or buying any item needed for your order as soon as a deposit or full online payment is placed, therefore we will experience a loss if we refund every event canceled.

I ordered my cake for 12pm pickup, am I able to come earlier or later?

It is very important to be respectful to other customers and our schedule. If you show up earlier or later than the time expected, this means KEC will have to stop production and take away time from other orders to give you yours. This can cause us to be behind and it is unprofessional. If for any reason we are a bit behind, we will notify you ASAP and may even offer delivery, however this is not a guarantee. If you're going to be early and your cake is not finished, it will be kindly requested that you return at the time of pickup we originally discussed. If you're more than an hour late and you do not reach us, you will have to pick up your cake at a time we are available. We set schedules for deliveries, and pickups and arriving late can put us behind.

NOTE: We do not add peanuts/nuts to our products unless requested, however we do use products such as, but not limited to, eggs, milk, butter and wheat. If any allergic reaction occurs due to any of the ingredients in your order, KEC is to not be held responsible. Please inform KEC of any allergies PRIOR to the date of the event, in order to take extra precautions.

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